MTS is a web based software solution for tracking the job completed and foreman authorizing at the job site. MTS allows to eliminate the fraud/misrepresentation happening between Clients, Trucking companies and Truck drivers. This information is securely saved and used only to the purpose of tracking the job completed by truck driver at the job site and making as ease to the truck owners life in generating all the bills.
MTS is available on a simple yearly subscription fee $2,899. There are no set-up fees or up-front costs. You can start using MTS now:
MTS can be run on almost on any computer, any android device and any iPhone device and only requires a minimal internet connection. MTS will run fine even over a dial up connection for PC's.
MTS returns search results almost instantly. MTS has been designed for speed and efficiency, and runs on some of the fastest servers available. Since MTS is designed to have the server do all of the work, the speed of the user's computer or the internet connection is not relevant.
MTS provides a spreadsheet templates to input your Client/Customer, Jobsite and Truck information where in MTS IT department can import your information at minimal cost
MTS keeps track of all the jobs performed by your driver and any other truck supplier(s) performing job for you. MTS will hold the information of job done mode, supervisor authentication/authorization. Vehicle maintenance, drivers personal information and license information.
MTS was designed to be simple and easy to use, yet powerful enough to handle the largest of transactions. Customer, Foreman, Client interfaces requires little of no computer knowledge to use it. Majority of features are seld defined with options which can be understandable by looking into the interface. Any training for the interface will be completed in a matter of couple hours.
For any other queries the best way to reach us is by e-mail. Technical Support: